South East of Mahe, Anse Parnel.

Prime land  for an exclusive villa or a luxury tourism development.

Unique sea view, in a very quiet area.

Easily developed: Water, Telephone, Electricity, and road access available.

Surface: 8,711 m2

Reference Mahe 90.

Anse Parnel Anse Parnel

As noticed on the map, the beach of Anse Parnel starts in front of the property. You just have to cross the road.

The contours show that the property has some plateaus and that the elevation goes up to 20/25 metres above sea level. It permits a least a two levels of development, as the upper development would enjoy its view above the top of the of the lower development.

There is a motor able road access behind the parcel, for a few neighbors, and therefore you can access easily the upper part of the property directly from this upper road access.


The  parcel

The surface is 8711 m2. The length from the public road to the highest point of the parcel is 97 metres.

Some views of the present situation; an unique place which architects would love to be given for development.

There are a few buildings on the property: a house, some garages and stores.
They are unfortunately getting old and are not worth thinking of repairing them. They could be useful during the construction of the new project.

A few more pictures to show you the potential of the property.

Indicated on the map, the present location of the buildings and the road access road, passing in front of the sea frontage.

We are now presenting the conclusion of the work of a reputable architect firm, who studied the land, had access to a detailed typographic study and plans made by another reputable local company.

We are presenting to you the conclusions and some designs, only for providing some ideas of the potential of the property.

Next, We present you only some ideas of having a large villa,

 but with both plots together could host a much larger development. 

First of all, the road inside the property has been diverted, so that the sea frontage view is not disturbed, and that more prime land is used to the maximum.

The request was to build one villa, with 6 unsuited rooms for visiting friends and a very large swimming pool.
A servant quarter was located at the entrance.

The architect had thought to create an interior garden behind the building, as the wind can be unpleasant during a few months of the year. By doing so, the garden could have been an ideal place to retreat from the wind if needed and still enjoy the fresh air and the nature.

All the unsuited rooms were of course enjoying the sea view.

This second proposal had a more traditional swimming pool. [a square shape]

Please note that there is enough space to build an up market restaurant close to the main public road, for the guests or/and for the public as there is a need of more up market restaurants in the southern part of Mahe.

Please note also that it is quite feasible to add more chalets in the upper part of the property in case a small tourism resort wanted to be built instead of an exclusive villa.

Here was a project made by the architects, but again, it is only for an indication.
The idea was to use local material [wood, granite] and to blend the villa in the nature as much as possible.

If you want to know more about this exclusive property, please do not hesitate to contact Michel.

Reference: Mahe 90.

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