Au Cap

Why cant you pass to purchase this property of 5, 237 m2,  located at 75 meters above sea level?

Location, location, location, the keys in real estate !

This property is
            - located at 10 minutes from the airport
            - located at  8 minutes from the great beaches of Anse Royale, the second city of the Seychelles,
               which provides all services in a non congested quality of life!
            - located at 30/35 minutes from Victoria, if you really need to go to Victoria!
            - located in an up market estate,  good paved secondary road access, electricity and water.

The Seychelles bonus : of course with a wide angle  beautiful sea view!

The price is reasonable at 57 Euros per m2 (or equivalent in other currencies)

Let us review the technical aspects.

reference Mahe 3

Living in the vicinity of Anse Royale means:
Fine Restaurants, Banks, Petrol station, Fish and Vegetable local markets, general merchant shops,  Pharmacy,  Hospital, University, Post Office, Sophisticated ISPC shop, parking available,  without speaking about the snorkeling point of Ile Souris and the several km long Anse Royale beach (swimmable around the year) etc

The location at Au Cap

The wide angle sea view

Part of the land gives a funny shape to the property (a horse head? or a fox head?) but this part will provide you space for having great fruit trees.
The size of the land is always a excellent asset as it is an additional guarantee to privacy and quiet.
The 5,237 m2 land is indicated by the small red dots

Nobody will block your sea view as each contour lines represents 5 meters of declinsion.

But the land is definitively not difficult to build.

The access road has quite a long frontage with the property, giving flexibility for the development

More plans

One can certainly build more than one villa, if it is the intention of the buyer.

Most likely the villa would be at 75 meters above sea level

Do not expect to visit a bare land in a armchair!

Mother nature is generous and it is always easier to rework gradually and modify the plantation to your liking rather than to start from scratch on a bare land.
The availability of good land for a good investment in a small country as Seychelles is certainly limited and we are always pleased to have such property to offer.
Do not hesitate to contact us :  to ask questions or submit an offer.
Thank you for your visit