The red arrow : Anse Takamaka

The yellow arrow: Anse Intendance.

Land : 6,587 m2

Located at 140 meters away from the main coastal road

Access paved and then earth road.

Altitude 90 meters above sea level

Large flat area of 2500 m2 at 90/95 meters above sea level.

Distance from the sea in straight line: 600 metres

Reference: land mahe 15

Another general location map.

The next three  plans with the contours provide key information about the declension of the property.

The dimensions: the narrower distance is 30 metres wide.

The long side of the quasi rectangle is 150 meters long

The borders of the land are indicated with the red dots, instead of being in a yellow marked surface.

About 50% of the land should be considered as quasi flat by Seychelles standards.

the flat "pocket" is 85 metres by 35 metres

The asking price is 3,250,000 SR or about 200,000 Euros or 493 SR per m2.
A very reasonable price.
Reference: land mahe 15.

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