Bel Ombre

A large villa:  5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Additional: one buildable parcel adjoining the villa

Land:  1084 m2 made of two parcels:

The villa  is located on one independent parcel of 508 m2, and the second adjoining parcel is free and can host another building. See plan hereunder.

Reference Mahe 03


Across the street, when reaching the property, one will recognize the building of the Free Masons' Lodge.
Please note that the Grand St Louis River is passing on the lower part of J3399,
and one could tap the river water if need be.

Our visit start with the external look of the villa.


The veranda runs on the full front side of the villa.


The kitchen has an access to a laundry room and is open,
 directly link to the living and dining areas.

The kitchen is linked to the dining and then the living room area.


An excellent point in the organization of the house: there is one bedroom and one complete bathroom at the ground floor level.

Upstairs:  4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

A  smaller bedroom, presently used for storing items


Two additional points to the property:

- There is a store outside, and a covered area, useful  for hanging clothes.
- The famous cleaning fish basin used by all families.

 See the pictures hereunder.




Located in Bel Ombre, which remains one of the most popular districts on Mahe

The owner is adding one parcel with the property, which is making the package interesting. Land is very rare and difficult to find, especially  in the North of Mahe.

Do not hesitate to make an reasonable offer !  Email:  or or

Reference Mahe 03