At Grand Anse Praslin

A beach property guest house or why not?  a private house:

Surface 4,250 m2

Business: Villa Des Mers

Reception building, 12 bedrooms/bathrooms, swimming pool, restaurant, gazebo.

Presently in operation: the know how and business can be included in the sale.

Reference Praslin 1

The property is made of 4 Parcells: 3 are sold free hold and the parcel PR6090 has been leased which will lapse in 17 years from now.

The total area is 4,250 m2

It has to be indicated that this sea side of Praslin has been gaining quite a lot of land on the sea through the years and the area in front of the property where the restaurant is located is actually part of a natural reclamation!  This naturally reclaimed land is in the process to be amalgamated with the property on a free hold basis!

The property is clearly defined by the red spots.

At the entrance, a large parking, so that all the visitors can park easily their rented car if need be.

The reception building.
In case of waiting ! In style!

A few samples of rooms, all in good conditions and tastily decorated.



The Gazebo for taking the time to feel the time passing by in a unique environment

Maybe enjoying some fine dishes and a good wine in good company, with a prime view on the beach.

Thank you for your visit, do not hesitate to contact us on or
for this great business opportunity.

Reference:  Praslin 1