La Passe

Area of 1438 m2
Indicated in orange on the below map
Flat and Easy development.

Main points:
Not too far from the port and all the commercial facilities
But out of the crowd, a bit in remote area
Very charming : with the river passing on the border of the land, and some rocks at the rear .
Price:   1,900,000 SR
Reference La Digue 1
The land is still under the old system of registration; the following plan provides a general explanation.
For those who are not conversant with the registration system in Seychelles, the original system of registration of properties in Seychelles based on the name of the owners. Thereafter, parcels were defined with a cadastral number. On Mahe the parcels have a cadastral number, on Praslin and La Digue, the process to change the registration of properties from the old system to the new system is well on the way.
 This property will be transferred to the new system when selling to the new owner.

Hereunder,  two plans that were used for the demarcation of the properties ( made in 2005/2006) and the plan that was attached with the sale of the parcel to the present owner.

The land has a shape more or less as a large rectangle (trapeze) of about 35 m by 40 m.
The plans have been established by a land surveyor, notarized by Notary, and registered under the old system.
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